Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

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Maximize your performance on Amazon.

AMS (Amazon Marketing Services)

Amazon accounts for nearly half of product searches in the US. It’s essential to establish your brand on the platform and make your products relevant in those search results. When used correctly, AMS is a powerful tool in boosting sales in the short-term and long-term.

AMS Management for Vendors & 3rd Party Sellers:

  • Strategically create targeted campaigns to meet your goals
  • Optimize bids to generate high returns
  • Find valuable keywords that are proven to be profitable
  • Comprehensive reporting
🔵 Reach new customers 🔵 Drive Amazon sales 🔵 Stand out against competitors 🔵 Improve product search rank 🔵

Market Analysis

A comprehensive analysis of your market on This is an actionable report that gives the information you need to successfully sell your products on the platform. This will answer the following questions and more:

  • How competitive is your category on Amazon, relative to consumer demand?
  • What price-range is most successful in your category?
  • Approximately, what type of sales volume are others in your category achieving?
  • What marketing methods should you be tapping into to drive Amazon sales?
  • How are you competitors advertising on Amazon?
  • What are the top search terms to advertise on in your category?

Keyword-Rich Product Detail Page Copywriting

Product detail page content is a major factor in influencing organic rank and product page conversion rate. Product descriptions should…

    • Be rich with relevant keywords, to improve organic ranking in search results (found by keyword research)
    • Have creative language to engage the consumer
    • Describe product features to demonstrate the value it can add to a consumer’s life
    • Be consistent with your brand’s image and message
    • Have effective visual content

I use specialized keyword research to write colorful product descriptions and titles that both customers and the Amazon search engine love.